About Me

I'm a Husband, Father and X Owner/Chef of Multi Award Winning Modern Indian Restaurant in Launceston.

After spending 15 years in hospitality and making great friends in Launceston, it's time to face new challenges and make new friends here in beautiful city of Hobart..

Hobart was my first Love and I always wanted to come back to where I started my journey. It still reminds me of my Uni days and long walks in the city, late night grub after studies or parties lol.

Food is passion/life. Our holidays are not so much about where we go, moreover they are about what we eat. It's simple, good food is equals to happy life.

I don't cook to match a picture in anyone's mind. I cook with lot of passion and love. Something to take into consideration before leaving review on social media.

With social media being so accessible to everyone these days, far too often we see customers leaving reviews about businesses, some necessary and others not so much.

Unless its vital and necessary, for example we haven't endeavoured to respond or rectify your issue, or you truly believe we deserve for our reputation to be tarnished, please take into consideration that this is our livelihood and we've put all our blood, sweet, tears, energy and time into our business and ensuring our dear customers are always happy. Of course we are humans and some time we make mistakes.

Its easy to sit on keyboard and write the first thing that comes to mind when you're upset but just remember, what you write about a business, will be read by potential customers, which ultimately will affect their business and livelihood..

Colours of Indian Cuisine