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Inspiration: The driver

Chef’s have a no cheat day schedule. Or, we cannot afford one. When people go to dine out they want there food to be the BEST, not Second best. Which means, no mater how tired I am or how many hours slept I got the night before, I need to perform.

Challenge is not about cooking great food. It is about cooking great food every time even under pressure. That’s what we see in Master Chef or any other cook-off program.

I find my motivation from different things. A new recipe found online, through social media or even from good reviews from my customers. My kitchen is my happy place, I love what I do and that’s the reason I try 100% every day. The thing which demotivates me the most is empty tables but it’s changing and quickly. The best music in the restaurant is people talking, eating and having a good time. I just love it when it’s busy and customers on every table.

I don’t want to comment on COVID as I think enough has been said in the past. I just want it to go away like a bad dream and want to wake up smiling again. All this has made me realised that I’m surrounded by great people. People who walk through our front door and bet there money to try there luck. The first timers don’t know what to expect. So how can I not give my 100% The love and support I’m getting from my local community is absolutely great.

Thanks for being my Inspiration/motivation and I will see you again.

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