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Restaurant: A game plan

After cooking few good diners or lunches we dream about being a restauranteur and those cooking programs on TV make us search "restaurant for sale" on the internet.

Well how difficult it can be? Trust me, cooking some great meals in your home kitchen and impressing your family and friends is just tip of the iceberg. It takes great risks and a different level of motivation to accept this great challenge.

With cutthroat competition and every day changing trends it can be very tough to be the one. As I said earlier food is only one part of it but you need to nail every single aspect of you plan. You will end up doing every thing else apart from cooking, so keeping your mind and motivation at the right spot: it is very important. You would need to up-skill your self on every level. If you are serious about it then 24 hours in a day would feel very less. A wise friend once told me that money saved is money earned, and its absolutely true when running your own small food business. Wages, bills, rent, online ordering giants, commissions, discounts, offers, food cost will not let you breath. Some how paying the bills and a wage to your self is a new trend which can't be avoided.

Social media has completely changed the game. In my early day of hospitality (15 years age,2004) marketing was getting your self published in newspapers, magazines few billboards (if one could afford) and on top of all which will always be gold "World of Mouth" was all you needed. Now, its just few clicks and few $$. It sounds easy but trust me its harder than the old days. Running your food business will make you learn all about social media, book keeping, accounting, some where laws of the industry and every thing else (Chef, waiter, dish washer, bus boy, handy man, cleaner, marketing guru...)

If every thing goes according to the plan and after paying all the bills and working day and night, emptying your wallet to zero if you some how takeoff in this crazy industry, then the REVIEWS on social media will haunt you. They might not let you sleep, these days one bad review holds the power to shut you down, so there in no chance to slack. This industry has power to burn you out very quickly. Forget weekends, forget kids, forget parties and no more holidays (at least for the start)

What ever I say, 15 years have passed and I'm about to open my 4th Restaurent, which means I'm going to repeat all the things (which I warned you about) again. My restaurant is called as Sacred Bites and I have a lot to share with all of you.What ever I say after 15 years it has become catch 22 for me, its a love hate relation. I love the food part of this industry and the rush of adrenaline on a busy service but it drains you out pretty quickly too.

I love the industry and can't think of any thing else. I have found this great platform to share my thoughts with like minded people. This is my first ever blog and a lot more to come, so if you like what I just said then please come back for some great personal recipes and my life experiences.


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